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Coaching is an effective way to improve your performance and well being. Completely tailored to your needs, coaching provides sustainable development and human resource development in it's optimal form.

What are your questions or concerns?

1. You could make better use of your talents and competences to reach your goals.

2. You are stuck and don't get what you want out of your job or life. Your energy level could be much higher.


3. You miss focus or purpose. You don't have a clear mission or direction and you want to find out what your real drives are. 

4. Successful on the outside you miss fulfillment and feel bored and/or empty inside.

5. You experience difficulties in your daily work and want to learn on your part. 

6. You have a hard nut to crack and you're looking for an independent person to discuss your dilemma.

7. You have reached a point in life where you think 'and now what'?

8. You have developed certain behavior of which you know it's not effective (anymore) but how change thi​​


Jou helpen om jouw werkgeluk te vinden. Dat is mijn doel met Du Coeur. 
Sinds de start in 2014 coach ik cliënten om meer te halen uit hun werk en loopbaan. Daarnaast help ik organisaties om hiervoor het gewenste ontwikkel- en loopbaanbeleid en daarmee een optimale employee experience te bieden.

Mijn aanpak is open, authentiek, deskundig en doelgericht. Geen wasstraat, maar een diagnose en begeleiding die volledig is toegespitst op jou of jouw organisatie. Niet slechts na afloop, maar ook tussentijds wordt altijd schriftelijk geëvalueerd hoe het traject verloopt. Dit werkt bijzonder prettig en effectief.

Kijk rustig rond. Onder de knoppen vind je uitgebreidere informatie over mijn diensten.


Ik hoop je binnenkort te ontmoeten!


Helping you to create a fulfilling working life. That's my purpose with Du Coeur.
Since the start of Du Coeur in 2014 I help clients to get more out of their work and career. Next to this I advise organizations in creating the right employee experience for happy and outperforming employees.

My approach is open, authentic and result oriented. No car wash, but advice and guidance truly accustomed to your needs. Written evaluations take place both afterwards as during any program. Clients appreciate this service.

Have a look around. Lots of information under the buttons.


Hope to meet you soon! 


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