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The labour market has changed in fast pace and will continue to do so.
Long lasting employment with one employer has become less of a certainty and will most likely become quite rare in the near future.
Next to this we all know that people will have work longer. Our health is increasing and we will live longer.


The request for flexible sourcing of people leads to a need for more internal mobility within organizations and for external mobility as well.
Employees need to take responsibility for keeping their knowledge and skills up to date and need to be prepared to adjust and adapt in job content and location on a permanent basis.

Employers need to facilitate this development on their part.

As a consequence outplacement is more and more accepted as a perfect chance to reflect and continue working life.

A standard program looks as follows:

- free intake with participants

- individual tailor made program

- methods that indulge pro-activeness

- self analysis (different instruments such as Insights Discovery)

- personal approach and action plan

- professional advice and support until new job is accepted or entrepreneurship is commenced.

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