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Helping organizations and individuals to leverage their strengths is what drives me every day.  

Inspiring and indulging people to reach further and get the best out of themselves, I strongly believe in nourishing and exploring your talents. They are your personal gifts to the world. 

By extending what comes naturally, motivation arises from within. Once you know your core, you are no longer afraid of changes in context or surface. That's why I emphasize on talents, drives and desires as a basis for improving skills and performance and change management. 

I like to make change up, close & personal by asking questions:

What makes you tick? When and why do we call you?

How can we enable you to do what you do best?

How can the world get the best of you? What do you need?
What are you actually going to do? Are you committed?

These are as valuable for people as they are for organizations. What are your core strengths and distinctive features as an organization? What unique story can you share with the world? Who helped you to get here? Answering questions like these together, unlocks the front door to customer and employee engagement.


I provide HR consultancy on learning & development, employee engagement and employee experience and sustainable employability. Next to this I coach and train managers and professionals in improving leadership- and social skills and career management.


My HR career started 18 years ago. After a fuzzy start, without a clue of where I was heading,
I came across HR and fell in love. This field was truly interesting!
I ran to an agency with just one question; 'Could you please fix me a job at an HR department, anything will do'.
Without experience the only job they could offer me was Co-ordinator of temps with a startup called Dutchtone (daughter of France Telecom). Hell yeah! I went, convinced Lianne and got the job.
Once inside I met this man named Eric. Quite unexpectedly though Eric quickly turned out to be my business angel in disguise.
Recognizing my talent and ambition Eric offered me the chance to develop to HR Advisor by lifting me up and throwing me in the deep and backing me up. During the next two years he taught me all I needed to know about HR. We recruited in Paris and London, designed learning and on boarding programs, advised management on staffing, absence and working conditions. I learned and sponged as fast as I could. While developing myself in the role of HR Advisor I also got the opportunity to follow a two year Executive Program in Strategic HR Management at De Baak.
After two years I got two business units of my own and became ambassador of the rebranding of Dutchtone to Orange. 
Looking back I feel grateful for this exciting period. One of swift learning, hilarious and awkward situations ('Frank is no longer on the org chart. Did someone tell him he is fired?'), life long friends, great stress and parties. What an adventure..


After three years I went to Italy and got married (.. to my dutch lover). This holiday lasted nearly two years. In 2002 we moved back and I rejoined Orange to execute a large reorganization.

In 2003 I took on an interim job with the City of Rotterdam. Six months to execute a reorganization turned into an employment of seven years as HR Business Partner.
I entered the world of civil servants and extended my HR expertise by writing policies, leading a culture change, and learning about decision making in large municipalities, civil law and works councils. I met inspired colleagues and experienced social awareness. 


During these years I also became a mom to three wonderful children, moved with my family to Driebergen and finished a post bachelor in training and team coaching in 2010.

That same year I was approached by a commercial company in sales promotions for the role of HR Manager. I gladly took up the task to professionalize the HR strategy and operation.
After a year PR and Communication were added to my portfolio.
With a dedicated team of wonderful people we introduced our own product line in the UK and set up offices in the UK, France and Germany. Excitement yet again! 

After finishing a post bachelor in personal- and career coaching I started my own company.
Du Coeur was founded in 2014.
 Since then I combine career coaching and career & talent development with (interim) HR Management for various clients such as T-Mobile, Deloitte, Community of Rotterdam, ACT Partners, Nutricia, RSD and Bewegin and.....I love my work!


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