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What are the core strengths of your organization and how to distinguish your organization from others?

To build a distinctive organization we need people who are committed to take ownership.

This means getting people with matching DNA on board but this just where the journey starts.
In order to build a sustainable organization we need to engage and develop the talent we have aquired.
Invest in the relationship in order to get the best of our people and really connect to our customer.
We need to create a true win-win.


Do you want to raise profit and create meaning at the same time?

Do you want to stand out as an organization and as a leader?

Do you want to boost talent development within your organization?

Do you need to move on and replace or outplace some teams or co-workers?

Are you worried that your HR organization isn't up to speed?

Do you notice that (some) individuals or teams are falling behind?

Do you want to help your employee to get back in the saddle?

Do you have a feeling that you or your people need more focus and drive?

Are you eager to develop your team(s) and enhance pro-activeness?

Shed the noise and give me a call.

Helping organizations and individuals to excel and have fun at the same time is what I like and do best.
Through the years I have inspired and stimulated lots of people and teams to make more of their work.

To guarantee your return on investment, my coaching activities are evidence based. Monitoring takes place by an instrument called the Coaching Monitor. For more information please click on the link below.

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Interested? Give me a call on +31 6 462 13 419 or visit the other pages to find out more.






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